Lotto Results

Check Lotto Lottery previous results history. Here you can find all the previous months results of the Lottery Lottery Draws history announced on every Wednesday and Saturday. Click on the link “Check Result” and the result of the required date will be displayed, Click back button to return to this page for all results.

February 2024Sat. 3 FebruaryWed. 7 FebruarySat. 10 FebruaryWed. 14 FebruarySat. 17 FebruaryWed. 21 FebruarySat. 24 FebruaryWed. 28 February
January 2024Wed. 3 JanuarySatu. 6 JanuaryWed. 10 JanuarySatu. 13 JanuaryWed. 17 JanuarySat. 20 JanuaryWed. 24 JanuarySat. 27 JanuaryWed. 31 January
Saturday 2 DecemberWednesday 6 DecemberSaturday 9 DecemberWednesday 13 DecemberSaturday 16 DecemberWednesday 20 DecemberSaturday 23 DecemberWednesday 27 DecemberSaturday 30 December
Wednesday 1 OctoberSaturday 4 NovemberWednesday 8 NovemberSaturday 11 NovemberWednesday 15 NovemberSaturday 18 NovemberWednesday 22 NovemberSaturday 25 November
October 2023Wednesday 4 OctoberSaturday 7 OctoberWednesday 11 OctoberSat. 14 OctoberWednesday 18 OctoberSat. 21st OctoberWednesday 25th OctoberSat. 28th Octobber

September Results

30th SeptemberSaturdayCheck Result
27th SeptemberWednesdayCheck Result
23rd SeptemberSaturdayCheck Result
20th SeptemberWednesdayCheck Result
16th SeptemberSaturdayCheck Result
13th SeptemberWednesdayCheck Result
9th SeptemberSaturdayCheck Result
6th SeptemberWednesdayCheck Result
2nd SeptemberSaturdayCheck Result

August Results

30th August 2023WednesdayCheck Result
26th August 2023SaturdayCheck Result
23rd August 2023WednesdayCheck Result
19th August 2023SaturdayCheck Result
16th August 2023WednesdayCheck Result
12th August 2023SaturdayCheck Result
9th August 2023WednesdayCheck Result
5th August 2023SaturdayCheck Result
2nd August 2023WednesdayCheck Result

July Results

29 July 2023SaturdayCheck Result
26 July 2023WednesdayCheck Result
22 July 2023SaturdayCheck Result
19 July 2023WednesdayCheck Result
15 July 2023SaturdayCheck Result
12 July 2023WednesdayCheck Result
08 July 2023SaturdayCheck Result
05 July 2023WednesdayCheck Result
01 July 2023SaturdayCheck Result